Near Žamberk, at the eastern tip of the Orlické Mountains, lies the small village of Kunvald, at an altitude of 445 m above sea level. Just over 1000 people live here. Its foundation dates back to the second half of the 13th century and the first written mention dates back to 1363. The road from Bohemia to Silesia and Kłodzko led here. From 1389 it belonged to the Litice estate.

Historically, Kunvald is of great importance to protestants. Here, on the Litice estate which belonged to George of Poděbrady, a religious group which separated itself from the Roman Catholic and the Bohemian utraquiste church, was able to take refuge. Its members were committed to the teachings of Petr Chelčický and wanted to live exclusively according to the gospel. The Unity of Brethren was established in Kunvald in 1457, the undeniable historical significance of which is still recognised today. The Evangelical Church of the Czech Brethren bought the Church House in 1929 and established a memorial to the Unity of Brethren and its last bishop, Jan Amos Komenský. A monument to him was built in 1910 near the house. A new exhibition on the Unity of Brethren is currently being prepared, which we hope will be on display in Church House from 2022.

In the vicinity of Church House there are several reminders of the history of the Czech Brethren which can be visited together with a tour of the exhibition.